Meet the chefs!

They really are cousins!

Rob & Sue, Cousins and co-chefs at Two Cousins are no stranger to the hospitality and food industry. With a combined 60 years of experience in running, owning and working in the food industry you will soon learn that they can handle any dish with ease and grace. Allow Chef Rob to wow you with his classically trained skills and attention to detail in all he does, specializing in seafood and grill mastery. Chef Sue takes pride in preparing foods that will take you back to your childhood, specializing in comfort foods with an Italian influence. Together they offer you a personal experience you won't soon forget. 

Sweet treats!

Sue, affectionately known as "Aunt Susie" bakes up delicious desserts all from scratch! Cupcakes, cookies, cakes, cream puffs, pies and so much more.

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Good food requires fresh, natural ingredients

when you start with fresh, raw, wholesome ingredients the result can't be anything but amazing!